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Welcome to the New Zealand Dining Guide

The New Zealand dining website has been created to provide a complete guide to all New Zealand restaurants and dining establishments.   Our intention is to supply you with a complete list of every location for dining in New Zealand - starting with the Wellington region.   So if you are thinking of dining out and you're wondering where to dine in New Zealand then you need to visit us first!
Our vision is to include everything from your local bakery to the finest restaurant in town, from your favourite takeaway or delivery store to your preferred executive New Zealand restaurant.   Since dining in New Zealand can be such a great experience, we want to help make it the best dining experience you can possibly have.
Currently all the information that has been entered so far is available for viewing - there is still a lot more data to come once the New Zealand dining establishments have been contacted (this was started mid April 2006).   Basic information will always be available free, however, from now on, more detailed information will be restricted to the subscription level the establishment has paid for once they have been contacted.
If you wish to see more information than what has been made available, please be sure to submit this request from the restaurant's page so a report can be provided to the establishment which will encourage them to upgrade their subscription level and therefore provide you with a better service.
We wish you all the best with your search and dining experience.   Please provide us with feedback on the design, ease of use, quality and quantity of data, suggestions for improvement and/or any other comments you would like to make.   (Click here to provide feedback)   From the New Zealand Dining Team.

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